Upper Airway Function is Critical to Equine Performance

Respiratory evaluations coming soon.

Dynamic Respiratory Evaluations

Upper airway function is critical to equine athletic performance. That is why Primus Equine is pleased to offer wireless upper endoscopic examination of horses as they work under normal conditions. Using the newest version of the Dynamic Respiratory Scope (DRS Version 3) from Optomed, high quality images of the equine airway can be obtained to maximize diagnostic accuracy.


Dr. Hackett is an independent contractor for Cornell University and performs endoscopic field examinations for the University, so conditions can be closely matched to the horse's normal exercise routine on site.  She has extensive experience in upper airway examination of exercising horses and will provide treatment recommendations in consultation with you and the Cornell Equine Performance Testing Clinic (EPTC). Your practice will benefit, as access to this service is available for a very cost-effective fee. You can expect exceptional quality of service throughtout the evaluation and treatment process working with Primus Equine.


Dr. Hackett has also been chosen by Optomed to serve as a veterinary consultant for the DRS system in the USA.  She is available for demonstrations in the use of the DRS system for practices considering purchase or lease of the equipment. She will also perform training sessions for veterinarians in the use of the system following new equipment delivery from Optomed. Dr. Hackett is pleased to offer her expertise in the use of this cutting edge technology as a benefit to your practice.

About Primus Equine

"Studies have shown endoscopic examination of horses under normal working conditions is superior to treadmill evaluation."

Dr. Catherine H. Hackett